Valencia Fitness Club


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Valencia offers Two Different Yoga Classes as well as a Revolutionary Core training class called B2P2. Our classes are limited to a small group of participants to make the class much more personal. Our instructors are then able to give as close personal instructional to each individual as much as possible. Valencia trues to make each class as rewarding to the member the best we can. 

Our classes are very reasonably priced at $12.50 for a member and $15.00 for a non-member. Our classes are as close to a one on one training with a certified trainer/instructor as you can get.





Our teacher, Ms. Valerie Nichols, is a yoga practitioner for more than thirty years. She is both a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Practitioner who has taught classes for the last twenty years.  Ms., Nichols also trains yoga teachers at the Yoga Teachers Institute and the Yoga Shakti Ashram.

Yoga is an ancient discipline over 2,000 years old.  It is a philosophy to improve the mind, body and spirit. Hatha Yoga is a series of exercises (or asanas) that assists in understanding the connection between mind and body.

The benefits of hatha yoga include not only flexibility, but also strengthening/ building muscle tissue and increasing body stamina and endurance. Yoga exercise can also assist the body to completely relax.  Regular yoga practice can be very helpful with problems of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress, and insomnia.

You will be taught asanas for strength, stamina and flexibility and proper bio-mechanical alignment in both the traditional hatha style and the vinyasa flow technique. You will also learn proper breathing exercises (praanayam) and techniques for relaxation and meditation.

Please wear loose clothing suitable for exercise and bring a yoga mat. All asanas are done barefoot.

We look forward to seeing you in class! 

Om Shanti 


 Evening Yoga on Mondays at 8:30PM                                                                                                 


This class includes a Vinyasa flow, which is a style of yoga that pairs movement with breathing. It also involves a Yin style of yoga, which encourages yogis to hold poses for one minute or longer.  Together with breathing exercises they encourage meditation and relaxation which is ideal for an evening yoga practice.  James Jennings has been practicing yoga for over eight years. He found yoga to be helpful in dealing with his asthma, which led to his interest in using yoga as part of integrative treatment with traditional medicine. 


3/2015                          100-hour Level 1 Prema Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

5/2015                          200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

6/2015                          100-hour Level 1 Meditation Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

7/2015                          100-hour Level 2 Prema Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

7/2015                          25- hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training ages 2-10 (Yogi Beans)   


8/2015                          12-hour Tween Yoga Teacher Training ages 10-13 (Yogi Beans)

8/2015                          100-hour Level 2 Meditation Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

8/2015                          20-hour  Yin Yoga Teacher Training  (Pure Yoga)

9/2015                          45-hour Yoga4Cancer Teacher Training (Y4C)

10/2015                        CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

2/2016                          100- hour Level 3 Prema Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

3/2016                          Prison Yoga Teacher Training

4/2016                          25- hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

6/2016                          CPR, AED and First Aid Certification

8/2016                          Level 1 25-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)

9/2016                          Level 2 25-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (Pure Yoga)   


A multifunctionional full body fitness program that emphasizes developing inner core strength. Innovative exercises were engineered using the foam roller, combined with fundamental movements utilizing the kettle bell, with a new breathing technique, produces an incredibly powerful, fun and different training experience.


Builds balance and stability. Increases flexibility & hip mobility. Improves posture & fundamental movement patterns, while escalating sports performance and fitness levels.


Lancelot's recent credits include choreographer for and actor in the forthcoming feature film "At The Top Of The Pyramid".  Theatrical release early 2015 (See IMDB).  

Some highlights of Lancelot's work as a choreographer are: MTV's hit series "Skins", exclusive choreographer for Hip-Hop Artist REYN including the celebrated REYN SHOW (national tour), and REYN music videos "Lyfe" and the music video "Supastar" where Lancelot is also the featured dancer. 

Lancelot was also choreographer on the debut music video for Motown R&B Artist LaTeef and created choreography for the "The Knick City Dancers" and "The Great Adventures Amusement Park Closing Ceremonies".  

Lancelot is also the founder and creative director of the internationally acclaimed dance/fitness group "Momz-N-Da Hood".    

Read more about Lance at



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